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Procedure to retune/ rescan of Set Top Box for Existing DD Freedish / DD Directplus Viewers

As DD Freedish / DD Directplus will be moving to GSAT 15 satellite on midnight of 31st January 2016 and will be beaming from GSAT15 satellite from 1 February 2016, DD Freedish users will have to retune / rescan their Set top boxes.

Procedure to retune/ rescan of Set Top Box for Existing Viewers:-

1. Press “Menu” Button on Remote of DD Free Dish Set Top Box.
2. Select “Installation”.
3. Go to “Manual Search”.
4. Select Satellite Name (Select /Edit)
5. Select / Change TP.
6. Enter Frequency ( for TP1) to 11090 MHz.
7. Edit/Change Symbol Rate to 29500 Ksps and Polarization to “Vertical”
8. SAVE / OK the setting and SCAN the SET TOP Box.
9. Press “EXIT” Button on Remote.
10. Similarly EDIT, SAVE and SCAN the following TP to get all TV and Radio Channels.
S.No Stream Satellite Position Frequency (MHz) Pol. Symbol Rate (Ksps) FEC
Satellite Name: GSAT-15

1 TP-1 93.5◦E 11090 V 29500 3/4
2 TP -2 GSAT-15 93.5◦E 11170
3 TP -3 GSAT-15 93.5◦E 11470
4 TP -4 GSAT-15 93.5◦E 11510
5 TP -5 GSAT-15 93.5◦E 11550

11. Now all the TV and Radio channels of “DD Free Dish DTH” will be available.
12. Viewers/Subscribers who do not retune / rescan the Set Top Box will not get the DD Free
Dish Service on or after 01-02-2016 from the date of migration.
13. For further queries, viewers can contact Toll Free Helpline No: 1800 11 0510 (8.00 A.M. to
10.00 P.M.); or E-mail at: ddfreedishdth@gmail.com



दूयदर्शन फ्री डिर् सेवा को इनसैट-4फी से जीसैट-15 सैटेराइट ऩय रे
जाने संफंधी जानकायी ।
दूयदर्शन 1 पयवयी 2016 से अऩनी िीटीएच सेवा िीिी फ्री डिर् को ऩुयाने
उऩग्रह इनसैट-4फी से नए उऩग्रह जीसैट-15 ऩय रे जा यहा है ।
सबी िीिी फ्री डिर् दर्शकों से अनुयोध है कक वे 1 पयवयी, 2016 को मा उसके
फाद अऩने सैट टॉऩ फॉक्सों की यीट्मनू नगं मा यीस्कै ननगं कयने के लरए ननम्ननलरखित
तयीका अऩनाएं । एसटीफी, यीस्कै ननगं /सच श के लरए नए ऩयै ाभीटय औय ऩद्धनत नीच े
दी गई है:
DD Frequency plan for Migration from 01.02.2016
S.No Satellite Frequency
Pol. Symbol Rate
1 GSAT-15 11090 V
29500 3/4
2 11170 29500
3 11470 29500
4 11510 29500
5 11550 29500
सैट टॉऩ फॉक्स भें उऩमुशक्त सैटटंग ऩहरे स्टोय कय री जाएं औय उसके फाद एसटीफी
भें ननननानुसाय चैनरों को यीस्कैन/सचश ककमा जाए ।


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  1. gsat symbol rate 29500 or 28500

    1. 29500 that will change after 1 February 2016

  2. Here are new frequencies on which DD Free dish will be available after 1 february 2016
    DD Freedish users just edit the symbol rate from 28500 to 29500 and enter new frequency paremeters to watch dd freedish after 1 february 2016

    Here are full frequency details of dd free dish /dd directplus after 1 february 2016

    11090 Vertical 29500

    11170 Vertical 29500

    11470 Vertical 29500

    11510 vertical 29500

    11550 vertical 29500

  3. In setting where can we change satellite

    1. it depends on various stb options, what is your model of STB and what are the options u can see

  4. Kishan Kumar Jaiswal

    We want a DD Cricket channel and Cartoon

  5. सर पहले auto स्कैन में 10600 डालते थे तो सभी प्रोग्राम आ जाता था / आब आपका दिया गया सिग्नल 11090 पर चेनल तो आता है मगर कुछ टेस्ट मोड आ जाता है .

  6. how can we change satelite? what are is longitude &latitude

    1. no need to change satellite,. just edit frequency in your Set Top Box

  7. I hv sunca DVB stb pls tell me the procedure to change frequency

    1. what are the Menu options, please tell

  8. But what about LNB frequency needed for auto scan of tv and radio programmes. Is it 05150 or . 09750 or 04590? Pl reply.

    1. lnb frequency 9750 , lnb type Universal

  9. hello sir, humre remote box pe installation option nhi hai na hi iske baad ke koi bhi option hai jo apne process me bataye hai aap bataiye phir kaise set kare,

    thanks, amita

    1. autoscan option hai? edit program option aise kuch hai toh usmein jaake TP / New program add karo

  10. Sir I have a beetel set top box what should I do to change the frequency now

    1. go to setup / installation and edit parameters as given

    1. just edit the frequency from 10990 to 11090 and symbol rate from 28500 to 29500

  11. We are from srilanka are not receiving signal from insat 4 and Gsat 15 after 1st of februry 2016. Befor the we were receiving good signal about 60 from insat 4b. But nothing is received now .Receiver is tracking mea sat but not Insat 4B and Gsat15. Please help

    1. please try to insert this frequency and check 11090 v 29500, 11170 v 29500

  12. Sir i changed but it shows no signal

  13. sir i have deleted all my channels and now i have no idea about this.sir what should i do??

    1. add frequency manually 11090 Vertical 28500, 11170 v 29500, 11470 v 29500, 11510 v 29500, 11550 v 29500
      LNB freq 09750 ,

  14. freq 11170( ch 17 to 32) is not working why ?

    1. signal little weak on this tp, try to adjust LNB

  15. i’ve adjusted too much time lnb but freq 11170 (ch 17 to 32) is not working plz help me

  16. same problem as here frequency 11170 is not working with symbol rate 29500 v ..after 1 fab ..

    1. try adjusting dish and lnb little bit

  17. which frequency is changed
    LNB or TRANS

  18. My tv still showings no single please guide me

    1. add new frequencies mentioned in another post and try
      new freq are 11090 v 29500
      11170 v 29500
      11470 v 29500
      11510 v 29500
      11550 v 29500

  19. kamlesh kumar verma

    sar 12110H 40700 jo aapne frequency batayi thi bo invalid frequency bata rahi 9x jalwa nahi calaa keya kare

  20. Sir for lnb freq 05150 shows some channels but not for 09750 by autoscanning .

    1. then u can use 5150 as lnb freq and tune. some of the old receivers dont accept 9750

      1. when i try to add 09750 singnal become 0 but in 05150 i can able to add TP

  21. Sir I have deleted all programs and nw i want to all including new channel.sir pls tell me what should I do?

    1. do Autoscan and try

  22. hello sir
    mere tv me se dd national channel bar bar chala jata hai to me kya kru?? please help me

  23. hello sirmere tv me se dd national channel bar bar chala jata hai to me kya kru?? please help me

    1. apna signal increase karlo

  24. Sir mere dish pe dd national nahi aa RHA he kya karu

  25. I belong to Odisha n i love to watch odiya news. But except Zee Kalinga there is no second odiya news channels like Otv or Naxatra. For children, no cartoon channels r there. Two to three english news channels r required for everyone to improve upon the communication skills of students.

    I hope authorities will consider my request in near future n same channels may be added to the list.

  26. hello koi meri help karo all setings karke dikhi but all channel scan nahi ho rahe ?

  27. two transponder 11510 & 11550 are not working please suggest

  28. Sir, recently bahut sare channels automatically test mode par chale gaye hai I don’t know how like Sanskar TV, dillagi channel, news state, wow cinema dabang TV (with Just a sound of beep)
    Please tell me How to retune set of box so I can watch these All TV channels again .

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