About Dish

A dish connection following components :

1. Dish
2. LNB
3. Connecting wire
4. Set top box(STB)
5. AV(Audio visual) cable or  HDMI cable 

We will now tell you about these components -

>>Dish - Dish is a circular plate made of steel having diameter from 0.5 meter to 1 meter depending upon location, the function of dish is to collect the signals from satellite and beam them to LNB.

>> LNB - This is an electrical component attached to connecting wire and mounted on dish to receive signals from satellite and send them to set top box using connecting wire.

>> Connecting wire - This wire connects set top box to LNB and the main use is to transfer signal from LNB to set top box, the cable must be free from any wear and tear and should be firmly connected without any joints.

>> Set top box - This is an electrical appliance which decodes signal received from satellite and send signals to televison in form of audio and video. Set top boxes are of different types such as MPEG2, MPEG4 and HD set top boxes, also known as STB.

>> AV cable or HDMI cable - AV(audio video) cable is used for connecting set top box to television, if the set top box is HD the HDMI cable is used to connect set top box to TV.

Caution :

=> Never touch or move your dish as a small distraction can result in signal loss.

=> Never shake or touch LNB as this can stop the dish from receiving signals

=>  Never use a connecting cable having joints as the joint in connecting cable can badly impact the signal quality.

=> Always fix the connections and wires firmly and check them time to time so as to avoid wear and tear.

=> Never do experiments with your set top box as this can damage the appliance.

Note : if your set top box is receiving all the channels then do not perform any experiments
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