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How to recieve more than 150 channels on Freedish

DD Freedish has a bouqet of 80 channels + 15 gujrati educational channels + 32 MHRD Educational channels, which are available on GSAT15 satellite located at 93.5 degree east, in addition to these channels a few channels are also available from dish tv satellite NSS6 located at 95 degree east.

  If you are not receiving channels from NSS6 satellite then you need to realign your dish in a manner to receive signal from both the satellites. As both the satellite are close enough to receive signals on same dish so you have to move your dish by 0.7 degrees to east such that the resulting direction is 94.2 degree east. This is done to receive signal from both the satellites without disconnecting from any one satellite. However this process need a technical expertise so we advice you to approach a dth dealer to do this process, also mark the old position of dish on pole with marker or paint so as you can set it back if you are not able to align the dish properly, also remember that a slight shift in dish direction will make your dish not to receive the signal from satellite, so do this process carefully.

After the process is complete you have to rescan your set top box to get all the channels, you have to set 22K feature in settings of your set top box to automatic and then search for channels, if your set top box does not support 22K feature to be set to be automatic then first set it to OFF and scan the channels and after scan is over then rescan the box by putting 22K feature ON. Now your set top box is ready to receive more than 140 channels which are free to air.

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