i-cas Technology

होम पेज

Many of our viewers want to know about i-cas on Freedish. 

As you know doordarshan has started many test channel named as i-cas, the technology i-cas or indian conditional access system is an encryption technology which will be used to encode the channels in future. This is a technique in which broadcast is done in an encoded format so as to avoid misuse of broadcasting and this also helps in knowing the viewership of the dth platform. However this technology is in its initial phase of implementation and will take some time to be fully implemented. The broadcast in future will be based on this technology, the current set top box will not be able to receive channels which will be encoded by i-cas and for receiving these channels i-cas compliant set top boxes must be used. However this technology will be implemented in phases so as to reduce its impact on viewers, in early phase only few channels will be encrypted using this technology and rest of the viewers will continue to receive the non i-cas channels on their old set top boxes. There is no need to worry as this process will take a long time to fully implemented and we will guide you through the process whenever required.

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