Mpeg4 Technology

MPEG4 and HD Technology on DTH

As you know that there are many type of set top boxes available in market but MPEG2 set top boxes are now out dated, the technology that has evolved out of this is MPEG4 which is more advance than MPEG2 because it uses more efficient compression technique and able to provide more channels with sharper picture and clear sound. This technology is replacing the outdated technology and so are the DTH companies, the new channels will be added in MPEG4 format so its better to opt for MPEG4 set top box. The main point to be noted is that all HD set top boxes as MPEG4 complaint but all MPEG4 set top boxes are not HD, additionally DD Freedish is goint to implement i-cas encryption on their set top boxes so it's better to wait for the new set top boxes if you are thinking to buy a new set top box

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